Extended Car Warranty Guide 2017

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Extended Warranties Are Different Than Manufacturers’ Warranties

When you buy a new car, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This can be anything from three years to up to seven years and covers you in case anything goes wrong with the car and it needs replacing, covering parts and labour. Warranties are essentially an insurance policy between you the owner of the car and the manufacturer of the vehicle or the supplier of the warranty. Designed to cover you for both parts and labour in the repair of all parts of the car, it is also known as MBI (mechanical breakdown insurance). But what if you are buying a used car that is out of warranty? What options do you have to cover yourself against the potentially expensive breakdowns and repairs? Used car warranties are the answer, also known as extended car warranties.

Used Car Warranties Explained

In nearly every way, an extended car warranty is just like the original warranty that comes with all new cars, it covers the owner of the car for a period of time for repairs that may need to be done to the car in terms of both parts and labour. However, things are a little bit more detailed than that and the first thing to know about extended warranties for cars is that there are essentially three different types:

Types Of Second Hand Car Warranty


These are extended warranties that you can take up with the manufacturer of your vehicle once your original vehicle warranty is up. They often offer a continuation of cover from your original car warranty. Prices are variable but as a general rule they do tend to be the pricier warranties out of the three options.

Warranty Provider

There are various UK warranty providers who provide a wide variety of used car warranties to all different types of vehicles, makes and manufacturers. Warranty providers offer varying levels of cover. Different companies offer different types of packages and prices but generally they can be some of the cheapest warranty deals on the market.

Car Supermarket Or Used Car Dealer

These types of extended warranty are sold by used car dealers or car supermarkets when people purchase a secondhand car. The type of warranty, how good it is and how much it is really depends upon the car supermarket or used car dealer involved. They vary from being good to poor and from expensive to reasonably cheap.

Why Does An Extended Car Warranty Cover?

Depending upon where you get your extended warranty from and what level of cover you choose dictates exactly what you will be covered for. Each policy is different but a generally you will find that a decent used car warranty should protect you from the unexpected failure of large components


  • Engine
  • Transmission system
  • Fuel and ignition systems
  • Clutch
  • Brake system parts
  • Gearbox
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Cooling system
  • Electrics


How To Get A Warranty For Your Used Car


The first thing that you need to do when buying an extended warranty for your secondhand car is to decide on exactly what you need from your warranty. When you take into account that extended warranties are offered by a range of providers such as manufacturer’s, extended warranty companies and used car dealers, many of these offering a range of cover levels. You need to ensure that you are comparing like with like and that the warranties that you are considering are suitable for your needs, requirements and budget.


One of the major considerations that you need to make when looking at used extended warranties is mileage. Are you at risk of going over the mileage requirements of the warranty that you are considering? If you take out a warranty and go over your mileage limit you will invalidate your warranty.


Once you understand and know exactly what sort of extended or used warranty you need, ensure that you have fully read all of the policy information to ensure you know exactly what you are covered for and not covered for. If you don’t you could be in for a nasty surprise in the future that could end up being very expensive. For example, you may think that you are covered for labour costs when you aren’t which could end up becoming a very big shock if you have a problem with your car!


After you have actually paid for your new extended car warranty, it is of the utmost importance that you stick to your side of the deal. What does this mean? It means:


  • Sticking to your warranty providers service and maintenance schedule
  • Ensuring you keep within the warranty providers mileage limits
  • Not modifying the car in ways that could invalidate you extended car warranty


It’s also important that you check your policy thoroughly for clauses that may restrict where you may be able to have your car serviced. Under UK law, unlike manufacturer new car warranties, extended warranties and used car warranties can legally stipulate that you have to have your car serviced by a franchised dealership. However, in practice, most providers are happy to see you use any good quality service centre as long as they have a good reputation and are registered for VAT.

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