Dacia Extended Warranty

Looking at extended warranties for Dacia cars? Here at Warranty Wizard you can learn all about Dacia extended warranties and get a quote to find one that suits your needs and pocket. More and more Dacia owners are looking at extended warranties thanks to the fact they can protect you from sudden and unexpectedly high repair bills. Dacia car warranties can give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your Dacia for many more years to come.

Dacia have been making cars in Romania for over 40 years but it is only recently that they have begin selling them to the UK and they represent some of the cheapest and best value cars available to UK motorists.   

What is a Dacia Extended Warranty?

When you purchase a new Dacia you will be given a manufacturer’s warranty for a number of years that will cover you for mechanical failures for a set number of years. Once this is up, you as the owner of the car will be responsible for all such breakdowns and repairs. That means if you need a new clutch or a new gearbox you could be looking at spending hundreds of pounds of even over a thousand.

What is Covered Under An Extended Warranty?

It all depends upon what level of cover you take our for your car and the price of your Dacia extended warranty, A comprehensive extended warranty covers you for all repairs of a mechanical nature and can save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds every year,

Is a Dacia Extended Warranty Worth It?

Check out some of these prices our researchers were quoted for Dacia repairs at a number of garages (prices averaged):

  • Dacia Duster gearbox – £1424.34
  • Dacia Sandero clutch – £986.21

Could you afford to pay this is one or more of these faults occurred today?

Garage prices at both dealerships and at independents are rising year on year. Investing in an extended warranty could be one of the most financially savvy tings you ever do.

How much will my Used Dacia Warranty Cost?

How much it will cost is determined by a number of factors. These include:

  • The exact Dacia model you own
  • The engine size of your Dacia
  • How much is your Dacia worth retail-wise?
  • Date of manufacture
  • Fuel type (petrol/diesel)
  • How long you have owned the car
  • Does the car have a full or partial service history?

To know the exact extended warranty price, get a quote now.

Dacia Models Covered By Extended Warranties

You can purchase an extended warranty for the entire range of Dacia cars. These include:

Dacia Duster


For the same amount of money that you would usually pay for a supermini or small hatchback you can buy the Dacia Duster, a small, rugged SUV that offers great value for money. It’s no-frills and the performance may not be up there with similar SUVs but for the price, there is nothing that can compete with it.

Dacia Logan


Launched in Europe in 2012 and in the UK in 2013, the Dacia Logan has slowly but surely establishing itself as a great value five seater estate. The cheapest estate car that you can buy in the UK at the moment, it represents great value for money for anyone on a budget

Dacia Sandero

The Dacia Sandero is one of the cheapest cars available in the UK. For those people who just want to get from A to B and don’t want to spend a lot of money it offers a great value purchase. It’s not sophisticated compared to others in its class but it offers a lot of value for money.