Extended warranties for Fiat cars are becoming more and more popular as motorists are realising hr financial benefits of protecting themselves from high and unexpected repair costs. Fiat extended warranties can save you thousands of pounds in repair bills and enable you to experience peace of mind and worry-free motoring. Knowing that you are fully covered for any repairs on your car means you can enjoy your Fiat all the ore for may years to come.

Fiat cars have long been a favourite of the British public. Founded all the way back in 1899, they are based in the beautiful Italian city of Turin and are the biggest manufacturer of cars in Italy. As an Italian car maker, Fiat are renowned for building some of the world’s most stylish cars. Bringing a Ferrari like sense of chic style and sensibility to the domestic market means that Fiats are a popular choice of for a wide range of people. Fiat owners are very brand loyal but sometimes things do go wrong with them which is why more and more Fiat owners are looking at extended warranties for their vehicles, saving themselves thousands of pounds in the process in many instances.

What is an Extended Used Fiat Warranty?

Extended warranties for Fiats are very simple and straightforward. When purchasing a Fiat car from new, you are given a manufacturer’s warranty which may be for 1,2,3 or more years depending upon when you bought the car. This manufacturer’s warranty will usually state that the manufacturer (in this case Fiat) will bear the cost of any mechanical repair for the period of the warranty.

One the manufacturer warranty is up, you the owner of the car is then responsible for all such repairs. This can be costly if something like a new clutch or gearbox is needed, the cylinder head gasket goes or the steering and suspensions needs major work.

What is Covered Under A Used Fiat Warranty?

With most comprehensive extended warranties, as long as you:

  • Make sure that your car is serviced regularly
  • Doesn’t have any known faults when you apply for the warranty

Then you should be covered for any repairs due on your Fiat for the period of your extended warranty. You can check just what you are covered for when you get a quote.

Is a Fiat Extended Warranty Worth It?

An extended warranty is essentially an instance product for your car and whether purchasing one for your Fiat is worth it is largely down to your attitude to risk and how healthy your finances are. If you are prepared to risk any possible large and expensive repairs on your car because you have the money to deal with repairs that could cost hundreds and even thousands of pounds then an extended warranty is probably not for you. If however you would like peace of mind and assurance that you won’t be hit with sudden and unexpected repair bills then an extended warranty can be a financially savvy decision.

Check out some recent repair costs that our researchers were quoted for common Fiat mechanical problems:

  • Fiat Bravo major oil leak: £3629.22
  • Fiat Doblo cylinder head gasket: £811.25
  • Fiat Punto ECU (Electronic Control Unit) – £583.98

How much will my Fiat Extended Warranty Cost?

The exact cost of a warranty can be found staright away by getting a quote. THe price quoted will be based on several different factors:

  • What model is your Fiat?
  • What is the size of the engine? (1.1, 1.4 etc)
  • What is the value of your car?
  • How old is your car?
  • Is it petrol? Diesel?
  • How long you have personally owned the car?
  • Does the car have a full or partial service history?

Fiat Models Covered By Extended Warranties


Fiat 500


Cheeky, funky and full of fun, the Fiat 500 may be a small bar but it has a huge personality. It’s the perfect city car, combining Italian chick with immense practicality in a town and city environment, it is the perfect car whether young or old and represents great value for money.


Fiat Panda


The Fiat Panda isn’t just one of Fiat’s best selling cars it is also one of the UK’s best selling cars. A fairly large hatchback, it offers its owners practicality whether in a town, city or country setting. It’s also great value too.


Fiat Bravo


One of the smartest superminis on the market, the Fiat Bravo really shows off its Italian credentials in its styling. For such a small car, it has bags of room for passengers and the boot space is really generous too. Most impressive? It has a 5* NCAP crash safety rating.


Fiat Punto


The Fiat Punto has been around for years and this is down to its fantastic value for money and practicality. Millions have been sold in the UK and it remains a nippy, stylish and fun car that is great on fuel. If you’re on a budget, a Fiat Punto is a great choice of car.


Fiat Doblo


Affordable, practical and delivering bags of value for money, the Fiat Doblo has very distinctive looks that really turn heads. It has literally loads of room for passengers and luggage and has a relatively high stance in the road, ensuring safer driving. Fun and funky, it’s a great choice of car for all ages.


Fiat Tipo


Fiat Stilo


They may no longer be in production but the Fiat Stilo was a great car and still relatively common in the UK thanks to the fact it was very reliable and fun to drive. A trendy little hatchback, its fuel economy was legendary which made it popular with families.
Fiat 124 Spider