Have you been looking for a used Ford extended warranty? Extended warranties for Ford cars are becoming more and more popular thanks to the fact that many people like the way that they help you to control the costs of owning your vehicle. As good and as reliable as Ford cars generally are, it’s not to be hit by unexpected and high repair bills if they do breakdown. By taking out an extended warranty for your used Ford car, you can enjoy

Ford cars have a long and prestigious history that stretches back to 1903 when Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in Detroit. Since 1908 and the introduction of the innovative Model T, the world’s first mass produced car,  Ford has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers with a history of producing some of the world’s most popular cars for the masses. Ford cars are now owned by people from all walks of life that enjoy their stylish looks and impressive reliability. Ford drivers are savvy car buyers which is why more and more are choosing to give themselves the peace of mind that an extended Ford warranty can provide.

What is a Used Ford Extended Warranty?

Extended warranties for Ford’s work in exactly the same way as for any other car manufacturer and are very simple in how they work. When you purchase a new Ford car, you are from that moment automatically covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Ford warranties may vary depending upon when and what car you bought but all cover you for mechanical problems with the vehicle and will replace or repair as necessary. An extended warranty is simply an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty provided by a third party specialist provider. You will generally find that you are covered in exactly the same way or in some instances even more comprehensively that the original Ford manufacturer’s warranty.

What is Covered in an Extended Warranty?

With most extended warranties for Ford cars, as long as you ensure that you have your car serviced regularly and doesn’t have any known faults when you apply for the warranty, you will be covered for repairs to your Ford car for the period of the warranty.

Is An Extended Ford Warranty Worth It?

Whether it is worth buying an extend Ford warranty really depends upon your attitude to risk and whether you can afford to cope with a large and unexpected repair bill.

Do you have several thousands of pounds put aside for unexpected car repairs? If so, you may think that paying a for an extended warranty is not worth it as you have the funds to cover any repair costs. However, if you don’t have that sort of money in the bank for car repairs or simply would like the peace of mind that you are completely covered if your car develops problem, then an extended warranty is a great idea. Like we said earlier, it all depends upon your attitude to risk. More and more people are opting for a small monthly payment that gives them complete peace of mind.

Check out some recent repair costs that our researchers were quoted for common Fiat mechanical problems:

  • Ford Mondeo major oil leak: £3521.52
  • Ford Focus cylinder head gasket: £745.25
  • Ford C-Max ECU (Electronic Control Unit) – £565.50

How Much Does A Warranty For My Ford Car Cost?

The exact cost of a warranty can be found straight away by getting a quote. The price quoted will be based on several different factors:

  • What model is your Ford car?
  • Does the car have a full or partial service history?
  • What is the size of the engine? (1.1, 1.4 etc)
  • How long you have personally owned the car?
  • What is the value of your car?
  • How old is your car?
  • Is it petrol? Diesel?