Have you been considering getting an extended warranty for your Honda vehicle? You wouldn’t be the only one. Warranties are increasing in popularity with every passing day, as people all over the country look for more ways to enhance their sense of financial control over their car.

Honda is an established manufacturer and is widely regarded by experts as one of the most dependable brand names in the industry. Whilst these cars are statistically unlikely to cause owners too much trouble whilst out on the road – there’s never any guarantee. Having a warranty in place covers you in the event of vehicle damage, preventing you from having to fork out hundreds of pounds in one go for repair work and potentially saving you thousands in the long run.

Honda was founded in 1946 in Japan, and became an incorporated company two years later. In 1979 they branched out into Europe, and today the manufacturer sells a wide range of vehicles worldwide, including cars, motorcycles, boats, and ATV’s. Honda have also acted as a Formula One sponsor during their history, and in 1995 even established their very own Aircraft company. A reputable brand name, Honda is a popular choice among smart, sophisticated drivers – many of whom enjoy keeping their cars in the best possible condition and ensuring they remain prepared for every eventuality. It is perhaps unsurprising then, that extended warranties are so popular among Honda owners.

What is a Honda extended warranty and how does it work?

Extended warranties for Honda cars are simple and very easy to understand. Whenever you purchase a fresh new Honda vehicle, you are granted an immediate warranty by the manufacturer, which covers you in the event of damage occurring to the car over a certain period of time. For example, if you were to get a puncture within the first year of being given the keys to your Honda, you would be eligible for a free repair if you took the car to a Honda garage. An extended warranty does what it says on the tin: offering you cover for a longer amount of time. Extended warranties can be purchased from a third party provider, and in certain instances may offer you even more comprehensive cover than an original warranty.

Is getting a Honda extended warranty worth it?

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. An extended warranty prevents you from having to put your hand deep into your pocket and pay for car repairs – which can often be far more costly than you might have expected. Some of the typical repair quotes for Honda faults are listed here:

Repair 1

Repair 2

Repair 3

Repair 4

There’s no doubt about it – these repair costs make for pretty grim reading. This is why more and more Honda owners are choosing to grab themselves a Honda extended warranty. By making a small payment each month for longer and more comprehensive cover, you’ll never have to stare at these figures ever again.

How much will an extended warranty for my Honda cost?

Extended warranty prices vary greatly, as there are a number of factors to be considered including:

  • The Honda model type and how long you’ve been the owner
  • How comprehensive the service history is (partial or full)
  • The engine size
  • The age of the car
  • The fuel type

The good news is you can get generate a price quote by inserting all this information into our online system, and in many cases you’ll be able to select an appropriate payment plan that fits in with your financial commitments.

Is my vehicle eligible for a used Honda extended warranty?

Very likely.

As long you get your car serviced on a regular basis and follow all the necessary procedures (like MOT’s), your vehicle will be covered by an extended warranty. The car will need to be checked beforehand to make sure it does not have any faults before you apply for the warranty, but if it shows no signs of serious damage, you’ll be covered.