If you’re a Hyundai owner, have you ever considered an extended warranty for your vehicle? Given the range of benefits these types of agreements can offer, investing in prolonged cover is often a very good idea. All it takes is one pothole, one foolish fellow driver, or one bout of really bad luck to cause your car to suffer damage – and any vehicle that experiences wounds will need to be stitched up for a costly fee. Having a warranty in place protects you from big repair bills for a certain length of time, but an extended warranty can defend you from these costs for life.

Born in South Korea nearly fifty years ago, Hyundai have become one of the superpowers of the automotive manufacturing world, with an enormous range of vehicles sold in nearly two-hundred different countries. The company has grown and excelled in recent years to earn a reputation as one of the more dependable manufacturers that produce cars that offer great value for money. By getting an extended warranty for your Hyundai, you can ensure that you get the very best out of your vehicle and can cherish it for many years to come.

So what exactly is a Hyundai extended warranty, and why would I need one?

If you’ve purchased yourself a shiny new Hyundai, a document will have arrived alongside it – a binding agreement between the manufacturer and yourself known as a warranty. These documents entitle you to receive repairs for bumps and dents (among other types of damage, although the nature of warranties vary from deal to deal) on behalf of the dealership. That means as long as the warranty is in place, you won’t need to pay a penny when your car is forced to undergo certain repairs.

What an extended warranty does is offer you enhanced, longer cover than an ordinary warranty. These agreements are also arranged through a third party, whereas initial warranties are provided by the dealership.

Typically, the warranty that comes with a new car may only last a few years, and will only cover you for certain types of repairs. With extended warranties, you can receive comprehensive cover for as long as you desire it, and in more cases than not, you’ll be getting this cover for a lower price than you would with a dealership.

Simply put, by paying a small monthly fee for an extended warranty, you can ensure you’ll never have to dig deep into your pockets to fix your Hyundai.

How does a Hyundai extended warranty work?

The first thing to check before you go searching for an extended warranty for your Hyundai is to make sure you’re eligible. But don’t panic – the odds suggest you will be. If you’ve had your car regularly serviced since you’ve been the owner and it hasn’t suffered from any serious faults during this time, there’s a strong chance you can grab an extended warranty for your Hyundai for a very reasonable price.

Extended warranties work on a very simple basis. All you have to do is pay a small sum of money every single month (which varies depending on the type of cover you’ve opted for) and you will ensure your Hyundai can be fixed at a moment’s notice without you having to make that long walk to the bank to withdraw money for the repair fee.

Is getting an extended  Hyundai warranty worth it? 

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. Instead, we pose a different query: As the owner of a vehicle, do you want to have peace of mind?

If the answer to that question is yes, then grabbing yourself an extended warranty is by far the best choice for you. Repair costs for Hyundai vehicles are on the up (as they are with most manufacturers) but by having an extended warranty in place, you’ll never have to empty your bank account to patch up your vehicle.

How much will a Hyundai used car warranty cost?

This is another tricky question as there a wide variety of factors involved. These include:

  • The model of your Hyundai
  • The size of the engine
  • The retail value of your Hyundai
  • The age of your Hyundai
  • The fuel type
  • The history of the vehicle (e.g. previous damages, servicing etc)

And, of course, the cost of your extended warranty will depend on how comprehensive you wish your cover to be.

You can find out exactly how much the extended warranty for your Hyundai will cost by using our online form. Simply enter the details about your vehicle and we will be able to provide you with a quote.