An extended warranty can give you eternal peace of mind. If you own a Mercedes, you’ll undoubtedly be dedicated to keeping it in the best possible condition. “Mercs” are some of the most esteemed vehicles available on the global automobile market, and for many owners, they are a symbol of pride and joy. With an extended warranty, you can ensure your Mercedes remains safe and secure for as long as you own it, no matter what type of damage or breakdowns might occur in the upcoming months.

Bursting into life over a century ago, Mercedes found its feet in Germany before blossoming worldwide, and is now regarded as the luxury brand of choice for many Americans, Britons, and a wide variety of residents across dozens of other countries. The company was assembled and inspired by both Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, and has been one of most popular automobile companies worldwide for as long as many living people can remember. With its brand stamp all over James Bond movies and Formula One racing, there are few vehicle manufacturers that can rival Mercedes for elegance and integrity. If you want to keep your Mercedes looking and performing at its absolute best, an extended warranty is the perfect way to go.

What does a Mercedes extended warranty cover?

An extended warranty differs to standard cover in the fact that it is arranged by a third party provider, and can be tweaked and altered accordingly to suit the vehicle owner’s needs and requirements. Extended warranties also last for a much longer period of time than standard warranties, and in many cases tend to be far more comprehensive in terms of the cover they provide.

Which Mercedes models are eligible for an extended warranty?

If you’ve put your Mercedes through regular service checks over the years and the vehicle is currently fully functional (ie not suffering from any malfunctions), it is very likely that the car will be eligible for an extended warranty. Cover is available for most Mercedes models, including several of the most recent and popular types being sold on the market today, such as:

  • Mercedes A Class
  • Mercedes B Class
  • Mercedes C-Class Saloon
  • Mercedes S-Class Saloon
  • Mercedes-Maybach
  • Mercedes CLA
  • Mercedes CLS

Is an extended Mercedes warranty worth it?

In most cases, obtaining a longer, more comprehensive warranty for your Mercedes is an excellent choice. None of us know what lies ahead, and whilst Mercedes vehicles are typically very dependable, all it takes is one unlucky day and you’ll find yourself burdened with an enormous repair bill that prevents you from taking that family holiday or redecorating your home as you originally planned. By paying a small amount of money for an extended warranty twelve times a years, you’ll keep your Mercedes covered in the event of any sudden faults, meaning you’ll always remain “in the black” as you can budget accordingly. Getting an extended warranty for your vehicle safeguards your future, both in terms of the integrity of the vehicle and your finances.

How much will a Mercedes extended warranty cost?

The price of extended warranties tend to vary, as there are a considerable amount of factors to consider, such as:

  • The age of your Mercedes
  • How long you have been the owner and the amount of documents you have for your Mercedes (like service history papers)
  • The type of fuel your Mercedes utilises, be it petrol, diesel or hybrid
  • The specific model type of your Mercedes
  • The overall retail market value of your Mercedes
  • The size of the engine in your Mercedes (e.g. 1.4 litre, 2.0 litre etc)


Another factor you’ll also need to consider is the current condition of your Mercedes. If the car is currently fully functional and is not suffering from any serious faults, there is a very good chance your vehicle will be eligible for an extended warranty.

You can actually find out exactly how much an extended warranty for your Mercedes is likely to cost right now by using our online system. We can generate a quote for the price of your comprehensive cover agreement completely free of charge. All you need to do is enter the details of your vehicle into our ready-made form and hit enter. You’ll be able to see exactly how much your extended warranty will cost both on an annual and monthly basis, enabling you to budget accordingly right from the off.

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