An extended warranty is the mother of all safety nets. If you want to keep your Mitsubishi on the road and firing on all cylinders for an affordable price, an extended warranty is the answer – cushioning you from all those nasty-looking repair fees. No matter what might go wrong, an extended warranty can ensure your Mitsubishi vehicle remains in the greatest possible condition for an affordable monthly cost.

A Japanese manufacturing company, Mitsubishi have been involved in the construction and supply of automobiles as far back as 1917, before establishing a Mitsubishi Motors division in 1970 and increasing production to branch out on an international scale. Many of the models sporting the Mitsubishi logo have become adored and admired worldwide, and a strong following of loyal customers are besotted with the brand, unable to picture themselves with any other kind of car. If you’re a Mitsubishi vehicle owner and want to keep your car in tip-top condition in an affordable way, it’s time to start thinking about an extended warranty.

What is a Mitsubishi extended warranty?

Not at all! Extended warranties are extremely simple to understand, and by purchasing one for your Mitsubishi, you can keep the vehicle on the road for longer without being forced to pay thousands to do so.

In layman’s terms, an extended warranty is a longer, often more comprehensive version of a standard warranty, and is supplied by a third party rather than a dealership. You can obtain an extended warranty for your Mitsubishi by paying a small monthly fee, and once you sign on the dotted line, you’ll be entitled to repairs for any faults the car might experience. You’ll never be forced to pay big fees like you ordinarily would for engine trouble or gearbox malfunctions, so you’ll never have to worry about dipping into your savings if things go wrong.

The money you put to one side ought to be used for special occasions – not fixing your car. With an extended warranty in place, you’ll never have to delay that much-deserved holiday abroad because of an unexpected car breakdown. A small monthly fee is all it takes for full, lengthy, comprehensive vehicle cover.

That sounds great. But is my Mitsubishi eligible for an extended warranty?

There’s a very good chance you’ll be able to secure an extended warranty for your Mitsubishi vehicle. We know this because our system is designed to peer into the far corners of the web to search for extended warranty deals daily. We’ve helped hundreds of people secure brilliant extended warranty cover for an affordable price, including owners of:

  • Mitsubishi Mirages
  • Mitsubishi Shoguns
  • Mitsubishi Outlanders
  • Mitsubishi Evos
  • Mitsubishi ASX’s
  • Mitsubishi L200s
  • Mitsubishi Lancers

These are just some of the Mitsubishi models eligible for extended warranties. If you’ve kept your car in reasonable condition (barring any major faults) and can prove that you have put the car through the required service checks since you became owner, there’s a very good chance that we’ll be able to find you a superb extended warranty for your Mitsubishi – guaranteeing you better cover for an affordable price.

Sounds like I’m eligible! But what exactly does a used Mitsubishi warranty cover me for? Is it worth it?

That’s up to you! In most cases, you can tailor and adjust your extended warranty so that you receive the kind of cover you prefer. Some Mitsubishi owners opt for standard cover, whereas others choose to go for a fully comprehensive deal. The ball is in your court. All you need to do is enter your details into our system, and we’ll be able to supply you with a long list of quotes from a range of respectable third party providers.

What does an extended Mitsubishi warranty cost? Can I afford it?

You most certainly can. As mentioned previously, extended warranties can be tweaked and altered to your tastes, allowing you to set up a payment plan that’s suitable for your budget and requirements. We find the best deals available so you can get the greatest cover for the lowest prices.

The costs of each individual extended warranty always vary as there a wide range of factors to consider. The model, age, fuel type and engine size will play a role in determining the price you’ll pay, as will the type of cover you choose to go for and how long you’d like the warranty to last.

You can find out exactly how much an extended warranty will cost for your Mitsubishi now – free of charge. Simply enter your details into our online system and feast your eyes on the deals in front of you. It really is that simple. Click here to get going right away.