Pretty much everybody would like to own a Porsche. After all, these vehicles are some of the most lavish, stylish and achingly cool vehicles on the automobile market. Perhaps the most popular high-performance sports car brand in Britain, Porsche boast a magnificent model range, from the silky-bodied 911 to the brawny Cayenne.

As a Porsche driver yourself, you’re probably already aware that you’re the envy of the neighbourhood. What you may be less aware of, however, is that extended warranties are the best way to keep your beloved car protected. These long-lasting financial agreements offer you comprehensive cover in the event your Porsche ever experiences any issues. These can range from minor problems such as broken lightbulbs, to bigger faults like engine trouble. With an extended warranty, you can cruise the streets in confidence knowing your Porsche is completely covered.

What is a Porsche extended warranty?

The definition of an extended warranty is a written financial agreement that entitles the owner of a vehicle to full repairs without being forced to pay for them. These extended warranties are paid for by handing over a small sum of money to a third party provider on a monthly basis. Twelve payments a year provides comprehensive cover and prevents the owner ever having to shell out for costly repairs.

It’s simple, cheap and easy to arrange an extended warranty. Having one of these agreements in place for your Porsche allows you to enjoy your vehicle and relax in the knowledge that if something goes wrong, everything will be taken care of. Your bank balance stays healthy, and your peace of mind never goes away.

Is it cheaper to get an extended warranty than paying for separate repairs? I

It would be wonderful if you never had to get your Porsche repaired. But, realistically, you’ll almost certainly be forced to take your car into the garage at least a couple of times, especially if you aren’t planning to trade in your vehicle any time soon. Sometimes these repairs will cost a little, but more often than not they can be depressingly expensive. Here are some of the quoted prices on the web for Porsche repairs:

  • Brake fluid replacement – £200 +
  • Major service (system replacements and joint repairs) – £700 +
  • Minor service (filters, coolant, radiator, electrics, power steering, fluids) – £500 +

Is a Porsche extended warranty worth it?

These repair prices don’t make for great reading, but the good news is you won’t ever have to pay for any of them when you purchase an extended warranty. These financial agreements keep you covered when your Porsche experiences difficulties, and prevents you from having to break the bank whenever things go wrong.

Which types of Porsche are eligible for an extended warranty?

Most Porsche vehicles are eligible for an extended warranty, although the cost of deals may vary from model to model. Factors that influence the price of extended warranties include:

  • Engine size
  • Retail value
  • Age/manufacture date
  • Fuel type
  • Service history

It’s unlikely you will encounter any problems when attempting to obtain an extended warranty for your Porsche. Bear in mind, however, that third party providers will often ask to see records to prove you’ve put your car in for regular servicing over the years, and your vehicle will also have to be in working condition when you apply. As long as you have taken care of your Porsche up until now, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to secure a brilliant deal on an extended warranty for a surprisingly affordable price.

How much does a Porsche extended warranty cost?

The price of a Porsche extended warranty can depend upon a number of factors including the type of extended warranty chosen and from which provider.

How do I get an extended warranty for my Porsche?

You can find out exactly how much an extended warranty for your Porsche is likely to cost by using the Warranty Wizard system. Simply punch in your car’s details and personal information into our short form, and we’ll do all the search work. It will take our system a few seconds to produce a list of deals offered by suitable third party providers. After that, the ball is in your court. You’re free to flick through the list of options and pick a deal that’s right for you.

We make the process of obtaining a Porsche extended warranty quick, simple and incredibly easy. Enter your details into our online form now, and you’ll already be halfway to securing superb cover for your Porsche. Because extended warranties are so long and comprehensive, you’ll probably never have to grab another one again until you change your car.