Volvo drivers are typically safe-minded – prioritising protection and reliability over all else when it comes to cars. It is somewhat unsurprising then, that many Volvo owners are also in possession of extended warranties. These financial agreements are designed to offer comprehensive cover for long periods, allowing drivers to relax safe in the knowledge their cars are protected, no matter what sort of fault may befall them.

If you haven’t purchased an extended warranty for your Volvo yet, it may be time to start thinking about joining the thousands of other Volvo owners out there who have bought extra cover for their cars. It’s a small monthly fee for priceless peace of mind – and with XXXX you can find the best deal in seconds.

Volvo have a reputation for safety over style, fitting their vehicles with the kinds of features that offer drivers and passengers maximum protection. In 1927, this Swedish manufacturing company branched out into the automobile sector, and has since distributed a staggering range of models over a ninety-year period to all four corners of the globe. Like every automobile manufacturer, Volvo has experienced peaks and troughs in terms of production, but the past few years suggest exciting times lie on the horizon for the brand, with sales rising to their highest ever levels in 2015. Throughout a long and colourful history, Volvo has remained reputable in the eyes of many for consistently producing a long line of safe and solidly-built vehicles. Often, Volvo cars can function for many years, and with an extended warranty in place, you can keep your Volvo on the road for longer than a decade without ever having to pay big repair fees.

Is a Volvo extended warranty worth it?

It’s true that Volvos are typically safe cars. It’s also correct that many new Volvos can be bought with an accompanying warranty alongside them, meaning you’re eligible for free cover for a certain period of time. But the truth is, even Volvo vehicles can experience problems, and dealership warranties do not last forever. All too often, drivers are forced to curse their rotten luck as their Volvo grinds to an abrupt halt the day after their initial warranty expires.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. By paying a small monthly free for a Volvo extended warranty, you can claim for all kinds of faults. In many cases, extended warranties last for many years too, meaning you’ll never be forced to pay huge repair costs when something goes wrong.

Given the sudden upsurge in repair costs for Volvo in recent years, grabbing yourself an extended warranty is a pragmatic decision that could ultimately prove to save you hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds during your tenure as owner of the vehicle. Extended warranties can be bought for as little as XX a month, whereas some of the quoted repair costs for Volvos are hitting astronomical levels. Just some examples of prices include:

  • Brake Pads – £100 +
  • Discs and Pads – £200 +
  • Cambelt Repairs – £200 +
  • Clutch Repairs – £400 +
  • Shock Absorbers – £200 +

Avoid these sky-high repairs with an extended warranty for your Volvo.

How much does an extended Volvo warranty cost?

You can find out the price of an extended warranty for your Volvo right now – completely free of charge – by using our online warranty search tool. Our system uses all your information to scan the web for the best possible prices, generating a list of results and allowing you to browse the finest deals available for your vehicle.

There are all kinds of factors that influence the prices of extended warranties, including:

  • The length of the agreement
  • The nature of the cover
  • The age of your Volvo and how long you have been the owner
  • The service history of your Volvo
  • The specifications of the Volvo and model type

Simply enter your details into our system and generate a price quote for an extended warranty for your Volvo in seconds.

Are all Volvo’s eligible for an extended warranty?

Most are, yes. And yours probably will be too. In order to obtain an extended warranty, you will have needed to ensure your Volvo has:

  • Been serviced regularly throughout your tenure as owner
  • Undergone necessary MOT’s
  • Cared for to the best of your ability
  • Not suffered any major faults that render the car unsuitable for road use